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You wasted time with this
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Redeye should consider running for president of the astronauts.Redeye should consider running for president of the astronauts.Redeye should consider running for president of the astronauts.Redeye should consider running for president of the astronauts.
World of Beasts: Advent [RMMV] [The Final Revamp]

Truly, if there is evil in this world, it lies within the heart of Mankind...


After several long years of failures, revamps, and cuts, I've decided that the cycle will break here. This will be the final revamp for what once started out as a side project based off of the small story elements of a Roleplay I did a while back.

As of now, I'm not very far into the game. In fact, I haven't even started designing the locations or database items. I just wish to create this thread as soon as possible and show off some features, and more importantly, the brand new story.

It's been four months since I made this topic, and I need to tell you guys that this project is on hiatus, because I'm busy writing a book. When I get that over with, possibly within the coming months, I will get to work on this game. Also: The game's title and engine are being changed yet again. This game shall now be called World of Beasts: Advent. (WoBA) I'm also returning to MV because of its flexibility and plugins, there's just so much more that you can do with this compared to Ace.

And no, this isn't an April Fools joke.

I will begin to develop the true machinations of the game in the coming weeks, hopefully even producing a Demo in a fourth of the time it took me to make my old ones, one of which was never even released to the public. The full game will ultimately be shorter than what I had originally planned for it to be back in 2013, but it will still feel like a full-length professional RPG.

So, let's not waste any time here. Onto the Story!


Mankind has been at war with their monstrous brethren, the Beasts, for eons. Nobody knows how they originated. What they do know, however, is that their abominable powers are contagious, allowing them to create new Beasts by killing men. The world of Dystopia is in shambles, and mankind is inching closer to annihilation. However, a small speck of hope still shines...

World of Beasts: Advent begins in the small lakeside village of Lorelei, where Roy Soleil, a student in swordsmanship, practices his powers in combat in hopes of one day venturing out into the vast world. Little does he know that a mysterious missing-person report will eventually throw him into a harrowing adventure unlike any other, involving Beasts, nation-wide conflicts, and an ancient artifact that was lost in the past. Will he persevere, or will his vigilantics get the better of him...?

While there are many characters in the story, for now I will only display the first five main protagonists that you will meet on your journey.

Race: Human
Sex: Male ||| Age: 20
Class: Spellblade
Weapon-of-Choice: Swords
Bio: A rather arrogant young man who lives in the small village of Lorelei. There, he trains his swordfighting skills with his Master, Mordred, and frequently hangs out with his best friends, Cedric and Aluin. He has a hard time remembering his childhood, and appears to receive unusual nightmares that are attempting to convey some sort of vague message to him. While arrogant and sometimes disobedient, Roy does have a soft side, in which he enjoys to help out those in need and has an unquenchable thirst for adventure. The one thing he detests most of all, however, are murderers.

Race: Human
Sex: Female ||| Age: 18
Class: Markswoman
Weapon-of-Choice: Bows
Bio: A mysterious woman who arrived in Lorelei in search of something. She is fairly skilled in archery and has an unusual potency in Healing arts. Zenia is very secretive about her missions, and has a severe lack of trust for just about everyone she meets. Because of this, she is fairly irritable, short-tempered, and selfish. Despite her toxicity, she seems to have some sort of noble nature about her. It's not like she would just tell you about her backstory, though.

Race: Elf
Sex: Male ||| Age: 32
Class: Blackbelt
Weapon-of-Choice: Gauntlets
Bio: A Member of the Grandian Military Police who works directly under Commander Alexei of the Military Police. He, Alexei, and another Knight named Maipher, are traveling enforcers of the law, their current case being the infamous Master Thief of Camlann. Gerard is a rather quiet individual, and has a strange fear of women. He is also fairly knowledgeable, and carries a grim past on his shoulders...

Race: Elf
Sex: Female ||| Age: 19
Class: Thief
Weapon-of-Choice: Guns
Bio: The infamous Master Thief of Camlann. After living a traumatic childhood, the girl took refuge in the trading city, but unfortunately remained in poverty. This drove her to live a life of crime, stealing from merchants in order to survive the city life. She has a keen eye for valuables and wallets, and will never say no to a challenge unless the odds are against her. Her harrowing past unfortunately still shakes her to this day.

Race: Human
Sex: Male ||| Age: 26
Class: Paladin
Weapon-of-Choice: Maces
Bio: A high-ranking officer in the Grandian Military Police. Alexei set off to the trade city of Camlann in search of the Master Thief alongside his two partners. His personal mission, however, is to find his long lost sister who went missing many years ago. He has a strong faith in the divine, and is one of a select handful of people to have the potential to use Holy Magic. He is very strict and valiant, which makes him appear to be a true knight in shining armor.

The Events of World of Beasts: Advent take place in the civil-war esque world of Dystopia. More specifically the East Coast of a rather large continent known as Avalon.

Towards the center lies the Kingdom of Grandis, a land of green grass, vast plains, and wet marshlands. Its easterly neighbor is the Kingdom of Argenvale, a heavily mountainous land covered in snow, known for its strange blend of Seichese and Nordican culture. To the west lie the nations of Pharrow, the land of deserts, Seichi, the vast land of meadows, Itzamna, the jungle-covered freelands, and Zwaahiland, the hot, arid, and plague-ridden hinterlands. North of Grandis lies the Ruins of Camelot, an ancient kingdom that was destroyed eons ago. Due to its high population of Beasts, it has been deemed a Wasteland. And then finally to the south of Grandis lies the island of Isla Allaben, home to the now-abandoned Maximum Security Prison, Felonsbane.

The map displayed below reveals only a small handful of the locations you will visit on your journey.

  • A long, hectic, and harrowing story filled with many twists and turns.
  • Visual Encounters that appear on the map.
  • Monster Hunts which serve as the journey's central side missions.
  • A heavily strategic battle system with diverse character roles.
  • Tons of customization options for your party members.
  • Seven party members in total.
  • A potential 30+ Hour Adventure!

I have a very limited stock of screenshots, as the main game is yet to be developed. In the near future I can hopefully provide you all with more content in my updates.

These images are outdated, since I am now switching to RPG Maker MV!!


Within the following weeks, I will hopefully begin posting updates on this game. I'm very close to the point where I can finally begin working on the maps and events, it will probably take the rest of this weekend to get there. Until then, have a happy April Fools joke, and I apologize for not turning this into some sort of clever prank.

Oh well.

Last edited by Redeye; 08-12-2017 at 01:26 AM. Reason: NEW TITLE, STORY DESCRIPTION, AND ENGINE
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