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Streaming Soon: The Not-RPGM1 Season
Mar 27, 2015 - 9:49 AM - by Draygone

Hey guys, Season 8 of my let's plays is upon us! Don't believe me? Here's a video saying farewell to Season 7:

So what can we expect from Season 8? Well, let's start with what I'll be let's playing:
  • RPGM3 - The Adventures of Bunnywolf
  • RMVX Ace - Deity Chronicles (demo)
  • RMVX Ace - Omnis: The Erias Line (demo)
  • RMVX - Heart of Grimm
  • RMVX Ace - Legend of Dream World (demo)
  • RPGM2 - The Faith of One
You'll notice that there aren't any games on RPG Maker 1. It's been a couple years since I've ventured away from RPGM1, and this season, I'm venturing far away. Which is why this season is going to be named "The Not-RPGM1 Season".

But wait, there's more! I'm also going to be streaming most of the games on this list! Those who are subscribed to my channel will recieve notifications of upcoming streams, which will occur on Youtube itself. But even if you miss a stream, no big deal, as the stream will be available to rewatch later, and I even include the chat! (See this video as an example.)

There will also be a couple other changes to my videos, including an updated look, so look forward to that.

The first stream will occur in a week or two, depending on whether I can get Bunnywolf to stream. Streaming PS2 is a little trickier than streaming emulators. Keep an eye on my channel for furthur updates!
0 Replies | 19 Views
Survival (RPGM1) Ep11-23
Feb 12, 2015 - 10:47 PM - by Draygone

Survival: 10th Anniversary Edition
Game by Ixzion - Made for RPG Maker 1

Returning to this game, I died. A lot. But eventually we're able to make our way to the end of the game.
I'll be back in April for the start of Season 8 of my let's plays, which will focus entirely on games NOT made with RPGM1. And they'll be streamed! =D

Ep11 - See the Wildlife (21:58)
Ep12 - A Crappy Dungeon (28:04)
Ep13 - Do Not Despair (33:24)
Ep14 - Camille's Dark Plan (26:56)
Ep15 - Amp It Up! (23:27)
Ep16 - Dr. Jackel (26:25)
Ep17 - Bout of Laughter (16:18)
Ep18 - The Origin of Jackel (20:15)
Ep19 - The Other Origin of Jackel (22:39)
Ep20 - Karma Camille, Part 1: You Come and Go (20:39)
Ep21 - Karma Camille, Part 2: You String Along (25:04)
Ep22 - Karma Camille, Part 3: Ev'ry Day is Like Survival (38:36)
Ep23 - Don't Miss These! (38:10)

Download and playlist information can be found in the video description(s)!
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Survival (RPGM1) Ep10
Feb 06, 2015 - 12:04 AM - by Draygone

Survival: 10th Anniversary Edition
Game by Ixzion - Made for RPG Maker 1

Lesson learned: day-1 let's plays are a waste of time. Back to this game! The game mentioned while I was breaking it that there was supposed to have been some earthquake or something, so I undo my breaking to see if I can experience it for myself.

Also, I mention this in this episode, but it's worth pointing out:
My Twitter, where I also post updates to my let's plays (as well as random screenshots of my life in a virtual world), and...
My grand list of LPisodes, where I list all the let's plays I've ever done, as well as let's plays I plan to do, including requested games.

Ep10 - What Earthquake? (21:23)

Download and playlist information can be found in the video description(s)!
0 Replies | 289 Views
New contest! Anything goes!
Feb 02, 2015 - 9:28 PM - by Valkysas

Hi there! So, the last contest wrapped, and while I'm happy that we got two pretty damn good entries, I'd really like a bigger turnout. So, let's do something about that.

The next contest officially starts today, and ends September 18th. It's an "anything goes" contest. You can make any kind of game you want, with any legal RPG Maker software you want. This has to be a "new" game, not something already released anywhere else, or an updated version of a game already released.

In order to take part in this contest, you have to be an active member of this community. Your level of activity doesn't matter, you just need to be active here to some degree.

While the contest ends September 18th, there's going to be a "mid-term" prize as well. At the end of May, if you have an active thread for your contest project, and you send me a current build of your in-progress game, you'll be entered into a drawing. It doesn't matter how impressive, playable, or complete it is. Just prove that you're working on something. Two people who enter that drawing will win $50.

Okay, so that's nice and all, but what about the big prize? What do you get if you win? The first place winner will get their choice of any video game console currently available at retail, not including special/limited editions. What if you already own everything? Well, then you'll get an amazon or gamestop gift card for the average cost of a current gen system at that time. Second place? $100 gift card to amazon or gamestop, or maybe something more. I may increase the second place prize, and even add more prize levels depending on how many people enter.

If you're outside of the continental US, I reserve the right to replace the first prize with sending the monetary amount through paypal to avoid getting destroyed by shipping costs.

So, who's in?
10 Replies | 522 Views
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