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Time for an upgrade.
Mar 19, 2018 - 9:49 PM - by Valkysas

This week, the current RPG Maker Pavilion will be retired.

Itís served us very well over the past thirteen years, but itís time to modernize both our content organization, our overall layout, and most importantly, our game library.

However, due to the way this site was built, launching the new site will be a bit of a strange process. So to not worry anyone, Iím going to explain the process here.

The forum will still work. Itís going to look dramatically different after vbulletin is upgraded, but everything will still work just fine.

The forum-website integration will be removed entirely. Links to the game listings, articles, and everything else will be posted on the forum so that everything is still available. We will not lose any actual content. Everything the website displays aside from the navigation menu is actually a post or a directory located somewhere in the forum, just hidden from normal view.

We will then transition to vbulletin4. Weíll be going straight to the final release of 4, so every issue we had back when we previously attempted the upgrade will be resolved, I hope. I have tested an installation on the server already using a cloned database and everything worked fine.

The forum will then use vbulletin4 while I work in the background on a new site using vbulletin5 connect. This by default includes a robust content management system similar to what weíve been using. I will of course modify things as needed to suit our needs.

Once I have vbulletin 5 figured out, we will then transition to that, and the new site will be rolled out over time.

So why transition to 4 at all before 5? Server upgrades will break our current version of vbulletin. Thatís the reason for the database errors we encountered a few days ago. In order to make the site work and be stable with 5, we have to upgrade past our current version. And since Iím still planning things for 5, we canít jump right in. We have to be stable while I get things figured out. So thatís why weíre going to 4 in the meantime. I had intended for us to just jump from this site to the new site in April or May with no downtime, but thatís just not going to work.

I like the current site, but the needs of the community and the RPG Maker scene have outgrown itís capabilities.

So, if the site isnít available for a bit, or you get database errors, just know itís my fault, and yes Iím actively working on it.

Depending on my work schedule, I may have to do the transition pretty suddenly. So donít be alarmed if you donít get much notice. I will keep downtime to a minimum.

If the site is down, you can head to http://www.twitter.com/rpgmpavilion, or http://www.facebook.com/rpgmpavilion for updates.
1 Reply | 17 Views
Contest time!
Dec 31, 2017 - 8:27 PM - by Valkysas

It’s contest time again! We’re going with a theme we haven’t tried for a while, but it’ll still give a lot of flexibility.

Something Unoriginal

Your game needs to be derived from something. You could make a sequel or side story to an existing game. You could adapt a movie, tv series, or a book. You could make a game about real people. Make some weird crossover game. Make an original game in the style of an old style of game we don’t see getting made anymore. Remake or adapt a modern game in a retro style. There’s a ton that you can do, and you are not limited by my examples.

The game you submit must be new. Submitted games can be made with the following software: RPG Maker 1, RPG Maker 2, RPG Maker 3, RPG Maker FES, RPG Maker 2000, RPG Maker 2003, RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker VX, RPG Maker VX Ace, RPG Maker MV.

To enter, you can either submit a game through the submission forum and PM me to let me know it’s an entry, or just PM me a link in case you don’t want it being public yet.

The deadline for submissions will be June 30th.

At the midpoint, on March 31st, there will be a progress report, where anyone that is entering can submit an in progress file to show they are working on their game (I will check, it must work in some form) and be entered to win $50 through either paypal or an amazon gift card.

The prize will depend on the number of entries, but will be have a value of $150 at least. Last big contest gave away a console of the winner’s choice, this could easily match that.

There will also be a “best in class” award for EVERY RPG Maker title to the best entry made with each RPG Maker title. That prize will only be $10 for each Maker, but it’s something. Whichever game wins, will not also have a best in class award in it’s RPG Maker category.

Only one entry per person.
57 Replies | 106 Views
Humble Bundle and Indie Game Maker Contest!
Oct 04, 2017 - 8:17 PM - by Valkysas

There's a new RPG Maker Humble Bundle going on, that'll let you get a ton of PC RPG Makers and resources for cheap, which you can then use to enter the new Indie Game Maker Contest!
2 Replies | 63 Views
Sep 18, 2017 - 8:56 PM - by Valkysas

Seventeen years ago today, RPG Maker was released for the PlayStation. This made me think it'd be a good time to reflect back on that.

Did you ever think about making a game, but didn't? If so, what stopped you, would you ever go back and revisit that old idea from ages ago?

If you did make a game, what's your proudest achievement? What's your favorite project that you worked on? Do you have a favorite Maker?

I'd like for us to think back and share the answers to these questions, just to reflect on our time with RPG Maker, and the community.
8 Replies | 48 Views
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